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Some outstanding catches this week with lots and lots of Doubles and numbers of Carp and Silvers being caught, Angels hard pellets banded on hook over 2 mm angels feed pellets working a treat,  maggot chopped worm caster all doing well also. Keep a margin peg fed as well as 11 meter and tip over to far reeds.
Sunday 9th April 2017  Lookout
Conditions-  Started sunny, then overcast, ambient temp 15 deg, wind S 6 mph rising to W19mph,  baromoter 1016mb,  water temp  11.2 deg, DO 7.45, PH 7.15
1st John Dryden 64lb 07oz peg 11
2nd  John Foster 58lb 9oz peg 27
3rd Anth Richardson 53lb 6oz peg 15
Happy Easter  Matches are
Saturday open Bowes  9 am draw
Sunday open Lookout 9 am draw
Monday open Lookout 9 am draw

Sunday 2nd April 2017 open Lookout1st John Dryden 99lb peg 22nd Chris Pine 79lb 14oz peg 13rd David Pearson 75lb 7oz peg 13

Sat 1st April 2017 Bowes1st John Dryden 111lb 1oz peg 34 well done
2nd John Foster 75lb 7oz peg 22
3rd Martin Atkin 69lb 3oz peg 2angel 8 mm pellet over angel 2 mm pellet

Sunday 26th March 2017 open Lookout

1st Dave Pearson 84lb peg 16aa angel 8 mm pellet on hook
2nd Brian Hall 52lb 12oz peg 5
3rd Ben Hugins 52lb 10oz peg 2

Matches this week
Saturday Bowes 9 am draw
Sunday Lookout 9 am draw

Sunday 19th March 2017 open Lookout

1st Chris Pine 63lb 6oz peg 32
2nd John Foster 44lb 1oz peg 5
3rd Ethan Bradley 32lb 3oz peg 30

Saturday 18th March 2017 open Bowes

1st John Dryden 72lb 1oz peg 1
2nd John Foster 46lb peg 2
3rd David Pearson 44lb 14oz peg 4

Excellent weights and range of fish species being caught
Heavy rain overnight then overcast ambient temp 11 deg, wind W8 mph, barometer 1016 mb, water temp 7.95 deg, PH 7.45, DO 8.25,1st Dave Pearson 92lb 3oz peg 5 bomb and angel 8mm pellet
2nd Ray Laing 70lb 3oz peg 1 expanders
3rd Chris Pine 62lb 12oz peg 4 angel 6mm hard pelletsSaturday 18th March match on Bowes names now being taken
Sunday 19th March open and spring League on LookoutSome cracking ide caught on multiple maggots, carp on pellets, some excellent Tench on chopped worm, cracking Roach and Rudd, all species catching

Wow double figured carp being caught on multiple pellets over a few angel pellets feed. Some outstanding Rudd Roach and Ide caught on maggot and chopped worm starting to come around and feeding up.

Sunday 5th March 2017 open Lookout

Ambient temp 7 deg, oartly cloudy with sunny spells, wind SSE 5 mph swinging to E 7mph, barometer 989 low, water temp 6.35 deg, ph 7.15, DO 8.20.

1st Brian Hall 48lb 11oz peg 38 expanders and chopped wprm and maggots

2nd Ethan Bradley 47lb 5oz peg 22

3rd Chris Gowling 43lb 05oz peg 5

Spring League starts Sunday 19th March to 16th June drop worst 5 matches £25.00 deposit

Saturday once a fortnight on Bowes

Excellent catches for winter and water temperatures both pleasure and match also some very good sized fish being caught

Sunday 26th Feb 2017 Lookout

High S winds water temp 5.9 ph 7.1 DO 7.7

1st Dave Pearson 70lb 11 oz peg 5 -57lb 11oz carp 13lb silvers pellet

2nd Norman Laing 64lb 14oz peg 16aa

3rd John Nelson 44lb 15 oz peg 3

Sunday 19th Feb 2017 Lookout

WSW 10mph wind ambient temp rose to 7 deg, barometer 1016mb, water temp 6 deg

1st Ray Laing 81lb 10oz peg 16aa 13lb silvers rest carp pellets
2nd John Nelson 63lb 0oz peg 1
3rd Martin Craig 45lb 7oz peg 13

been some cracking catches this week

Sunday 12th Feb 2017 Lookout
1st Martin Craig 28lb 14oz peg 30
2nd John Nelson 22lb 9oz peg 2
3rd John Foster 18lb 8oz peg 23


WeatherEast high winds sleet, snow, horrible weather

Notes: Spring series start Sunday March 19th





Water temp rose to 3.95 deg and again fishing very well again fish shoaled so important to find shoal for great results, some quality specimen sized fish also being caught.


Sunday 5th Feb 2017 Lookout

1st Dave Pearson 64lb 3oz peg 38
2nd john Nelson 44lb 15oz pe 24
3rd John Dryden 36lb 15oz peg 28





Sunday 29th Jan 2017 Lookout

1st Dave Pearson 8lb 13oz peg 3
2nd Brian Hall and Ray Laing same weight 4lb 11oz peg 30 and 2





Sunday 22nd Jan 2017 Lookout

1st Derek Fox 81lb 10oz peg 38
2nd Norman Laing 71lb 2oz peg 24
3rd Rob Emery 42lb 13oz peg 32





Sunday Jan 15th 2017 Lookout

After frosts snow and frozen lakes now rain overnight and morning

1st Norman Laing 33lb 1oz peg 24
2nd John Nelson 29lb 6oz peg 5
3rd Kev Smith 22lb 6oz peg 16aa





Sunday 8th January 2017 lookout

1st Derek Fox 54lb peg 30
2nd John Dryden 46lb 15oz peg 38
3rd John Foster 34lb 14oz peg 5





Tuesday 27th Dec Christmas Cheer Lookout

1st John Nelson 69lb peg 32
2nd Martin Craig 48lb 12oz peg 1
3rd Ray Laing 41lb 1oz peg 2
4th Dave Pearson 36lb 7oz peg 4




May Ann Arthur and staff wish you all a Happy Christmas

Saturday 24th December 2016 Lookout

1st John Nelson 82lb 2oz peg 13
2nd John Foster 53lb 8oz peg 16aa
3rd John Dryden 42lb 12oz peg 32

Christmas cheer is on 27th Dec all proceeds to pools except £1.00 per keepnet going towards juniors





Wed 21st Dec 2016 Lookout
SW wind 5 deg water temp 3.1 deg

1st Nathan Fleming 71lb 3oz peg 1
2nd John Nailer 35lb 9oz peg5
3rd John Foster ?

Christmas cheer is on 27th Dec all proceeds to pools except £1.00 per keepnet going towards juniors





Sunday 18th Dec 2016 Lookout

1st Ray Laing 62lb 6oz peg 1
2nd John foster 50lb8oz peg 13
3rd Nathan Fleming 50lb 2oz peg 32





Wed 14th Dec 2016 Lookout

South wind
1st John Nailer 52lb 4oz peg 32
2nd Rob Emery 32lb 6oz peg 1
3rd John Foster 12lb 12oz peg 13

numbers depend on loads of factors





Sunday 11th Dec 2016 open Lookout
Cold wind NW
1st Martin Craig 64lb 6oz peg 13
2nd Malcom Fox48lb peg 32
3rd David Pearson 33lb 6oz peg 16aa





Sat 10th December 2016 open Lookout
Water temp 3.9 deg, ph 6.96, D7.85
1st Norman Laing 95lb 15oz peg 13
2nd Rob Emery 55lb 5oz peg 1
3rd Chris Pine 33lb 1oz peg 30





Wed 7th Dec 2016 Lookout
Strong winds with gusts
1st Dvid Hudson 69lb 2oz peg 4
2nd Dave Pearson 36lb 5oz peg 30
3rd John Fostr 29lb 10oz peg 23





Sunday 4th Dec 2016 Lookout
PH 6.9, Water temp 4.4 deg, DO 6.9
1st Dave Pearson 42lb 13oz peg 30
2nd Chris Pine 37b 4oz peg 13
3rd John Foster 28lb 7oz peg 7




Sunday 27th Nov 2016 open Lookout
1st John Nelson 59lb 11oz peg 1
2nd Rob rundle 50lb 12oz peg 24
3rd Chris Pine 40lb 3oz peg 5




Wed 23rd Nov 2016 Lookout
Fishing well

1st Rob emery 51lb 14oz peg 23
2nd John Foster 46lb 5oz peg 30
3rd Chris Pine 42lb 9oz peg 3




Sunday 20th Nov 2016 Lookout

Ambient temp 1 deg, cold , windy,

1st Kevin Smith 39lb 9oz peg 30
2nd David Pearson 38lb 8oz peg 23
3rd Martin Craig 30lb 8oz peg 13





Sat 19th Nov 2016 Bowes

Overnight frost and temp drop to -1 part ice around edges

1st George Corner 48lb 4oz peg 24
2nd Chris Pine 46lb 3oz peg 2
3rd Brian Hall 31lb 14oz peg 22




Sunday 13th Nov 2016 open Lookout
1st David Hurbert 47lb 7oz peg 30
2nd John Nelson 44lb 10oz peg 4
3rd John Dryden 42lb 14oz peg 16aa




Wed 16th Nov 2016
1st David Pearson 69lb
2nd Rob Emery 35lb 11oz
3rd John foster 32lb 15oz





Sunday Nov 6th

1st Martin Craig 36lb 9oz peg 5
2nd John Dryden 23lb 7oz peg 28
3rd Rob Rundle 18lb 8oz peg 16aa
Wed 2nd Nov
1st Dave Pearson 33lb 1oz peg 11
2nd Jackie Nelson 27lb 13oz peg 30
3rd John foster 26lb 1oz peg 16aa




Sunday 30th Oct open Lookout
1st Brian Hall 73lb 13oz peg 38
2nd John Nelson 61lb 8oz peg 30
3rd Rob Rundle 58lb 6oz peg 11





Wed 26th Oct 2016 open

Conditions:- overnight rain, followed by mostly cloudy, ambient temp 13 deg, barometer 1023mb, wind SW 10mph, Water temp9.7deg, DO7.55, PH 7.62, mv 16

1st Rob Emery 46lb 15oz peg 1
2nd John Foster 44lb 11oz peg 4
3rd Dave Pearson 41lb 3oz peg 11
Match on Sat and Sun





Sunday 23rd Oct 16 Open Lookout

Conditions- Torrential rain overnight, ambient temp 8 deg, wind NE 9 mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 8.9 deg, DO 8.45, Ph 7.65, mv –45
1st D Hurbert 72lb 12oz peg 16aa
2nd Alan Mc Guire 51lb 11oz peg 2
3rd Norman Laing 51lb 6oz peg 11

NB NO BOILIES at all are allowed on Angel lakes .

Matches through winter

Sunday Lookout 9am draw
Wed Bowes 9am draw
Every other Saturday next one this Sat 29th of Oct 9am draw







Wed 19th Oct 2016 open

Conditions:- Partly Cloudy , then rain at end given air a chill , ambient temp 10 deg, wind NNW 8mph, barometer 1023 mb, Water temp 8.0 deg, PH 7.35, DO 8.15, mv –45

1st Rob Emery 48lb 3oz peg 11
2nd John Foster 38lb 8oz peg 1
3rd Dave Pearson 33lb 12oz peg 5





Sunday 16th Oct 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- rain and overcast, ambient temp 12 deg, wind SSE 11mph, barometer 1009mb, water temp 9 deg, DO 7.95, PH 7.40. mv –45

1st Martin Craig 55lb 9oz peg 1
2nd Rob Rundle 46lb 13oz peg 11
3rd Ethan Bradley 32lb 4oz peg 16aa





Sat 15th Oct 2016 open Bowes

Conditions:- rain overnight and drizzle at the start, then sunny, ambient temp 13 deg, wind S 7 mph, barometer 1009mb, water temp 9.45, DO 7.85, PH 7.40, mv –45

1st Rob Emery 54ln 9oz, peg 4
2nd Dave Pearson 40lb 9oz peg 22
3rd John Foster 39lb 1oz peg 2





Wed 12th Oct 2016 Open Lookout Ton up

Conditions:- Heavy rain overnight and rain through day, ambient temp 11 deg, wind E 11mph, barometer 1026 mb, water temp 10.9 deg, Ph 7.55, DO 8.75, mv –35

1st John Dryden 113lb peg 28 up in water mid way caster and pellet
2nd John Foster 97lb 14oz peg 5 pellet and paste up in water margins
3rd Derek Fox 43lb 9oz peg 16aa





Sunday 9th Oct 2016 open Lookout Ton Up

Conditions: Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 11deg, wind N 4mph, barometer 1033mb, water temp 11.9 deg, PH 7.35, DO 8.25, mv –35

1st John Foster 139lb 5oz peg 16aa paste up side some on pellet waggler
2nd Rob Rundle 95lb 01oz peg 28
3rd Dave Pearson 89lb 3 oz peg 1





Wed 5th Oct 2016 open Ton UP

Conditions:- cold overnight, sunny, ambient temp 13 deg, wind ESE 11mph with gusts to 16mph, barometer 1036 mb, water temp 11.4 deg, DO 8.45 PH 7.45, mv27

1st John Foster 112lb 15oz peg 1
2nd Derek Fox 78lb 10oz peg 13
3rd Dave Pearson 72lb 7oz peg 24





Sunday 2nd Oct

Conditions:- cold overnight 4 deg, partly Cloudy, wind SW 0 calm, barometer 1006 mb, water temp 16.4, DO 8.20, PH 7.45, mv –45

1st Malcom Fox 79lb 2oz peg 1
2nd Dave Pearson 77lb 13oz peg 16aa
3rd John Dryden 77lb 11oz peg 5

Sat 1st Oct Bowes

1st Dave Pearson 41lb 2oz peg 2
2nd Ethan Bradley 30lb 3oz peg 4
3rd Jack Bell 20lb 9oz peg 16




Wed 28th Sept 2016 Bowes

Conditions: Partly cloudy, ambient temp 21 deg, wind SW 17 mph then high gusts to 30 , barometer 1016 mb, water temp 15.1 deg, DO8.10, PH 7.45, mv-40

1st John Foster 94lb 3oz peg 2
2nd D Pearson
3rd J Dryden
sorry not got weights




Sunday 25th Sept 2016 open Lookout Ton Up

Conditions: - heavy overnight rain, then mostly sunny with wind gust and heavy shower, ambient temp 16deg, wind SW 12 mph, barometer 1009 mb, water temp 13.5 deg, DO 8.10, PH 7.35, mv –29

1st John Foster 103lb 5oz peg 30
2nd Peter Alderton 69lb 12oz peg 4
3rd Martin Atkin 68lb 10oz peg 11

Winter series Sundays till March 16th Drop 10 matches





Wed 21st Sept 2016 open Bowes Ton up Ton up

Conditions:- Cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind S 9mph, barometer 1016 mb. DO 8.15, PH 7.35, Water temp 14,2 deg, mv –38

1st George Atkin 157lb 14oz peg 40

2nd John Naylor 109lb 8oz peg 16

3rd Alan Mc Guire 99lb 02oz peg 4

Pellet Waggler for majority





Sunday 18th Sept 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- overnight very cold, with lakes giving of lots of mist, with water temp hotter than ambient temp, rose to 18 deg, sunny, barometer 1019mb, wind SSW 6mph, water temp dropped again 13.1 deg, Ph 7.60, DO 8.15, mv –30

1st Martin Craig 99lb 3oz peg 3
2nd John Foster 86lb 13oz peg 32
3rd Alan Mc Guire 84lb 1oz peg 11





Saturday 17th Sept 2016 Bowes

Conditions:- Cold start then Mostly Sunny, ambient temp17deg, wind NE 8mph, barometer 1023mb, moon full, Water temp dropped 15.6 deg after all the rain, DO 8.20. PH 7.65, mv –45

1st John Foster 96lb 2oz peg 22 paste 12 meters also pellet 12 meters pellet waggler through islands
2nd Dave Pearson 83lb 13oz peg 24
3rd Rob Emery 35lb 15 peg 2





Wed 14th Sept 2016 open Bowes Ton Up

Conditions:- foggy then cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, wind N 5 mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp 17 deg, PH 7.45, DO 8.30, mv-30

1st Dave Pearson 131lb 11oz peg 16
2nd Rob Emery 75lb peg 40
3rd John Foster 68lb 13oz peg 22





Winter League starts 25th Set till March 16th 25 matches drop 10 £25.00 deposit

Matches this week

Wed 9am draw Bowes
Sat 9am draw Bowes
Charity junior match on Lookout Island
Sunday 9am Draw Lookout




Sunday 11th Sept 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- sunny, ambient temp 18 deg, wind SSW 13 mph, barometer 1016mb water temp 17 deg , PH 7.65, DO 8.1, mv –35

1st Ray Laing 70lb 14oz peg 13 chopped worm caster 13 mtrs on pole inc GP
2nd Rob Rundle 64lb 13oz peg 11
3rd John Dryden 60lb 10oz peg 15




Wed 7th Sept 16 open Bowes Ton up Ton Up

Conditons: Mostly sunny, ambient temp 26 deg, wind SSW 5 mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp 15.5 deg, PH 7.70, DO 8.25, mv 35

1st Dave Pearson 157lb 11oz peg 4
2nd John Foster 112lb 6oz peg 16
3rd Alan Mc Guire 91lb 10 peg 24





Sunday 4th Sept open Lookout

Conditions: torrential rain overnight and rain this morning, followed by overcast ending up sunny, ambient temp 17 deg, wind N 5 mph, barometer 1013mb, water temp 13.6 deg, DO8.40, PH 7.75, mv –40

1st Alan Mc Guire 78lb 8oz peg 5
2nd Reece Nordstrom 68lb 11oz peg 1
3rd Andrew Meadows 63lb 11oz peg 32





Saturday 3rd Sept 2016 open Bowes Ton Up

Conditions:- overcast then rain, ambient temp 15 deg, wind calm then S 3mph, barometer 1009 mb, water temp 13.9 deg, DO8.25, PH 7.55, mv 49

1st Dave Pearson 139lb peg 40
2nd Alan Mc Guire 65lb 14oz peg 24
3rd John Foster 48lb 13oz peg 22




Wed 31st Aug 2016 open Bowes TON UP

Conditions:- sprinkles at first,then sunny spells and overcast,ambient temp 17 deg, wind SW then W 20mph, barometer 1016mb, water temp 13.8 deg, DO 8.45, PH 7.38. mv 45

1st Dave Pearson 136lb 14oz peg 4 Mainly on bomb and 10mm pellet
2nd Alan Mc Guire 75.00 peg 22
3rd John Foster 50.01 peg 2

Match on Saturday on Bowes 9am draw
Sunday Lookout 9am draw






Sunday 28th Aug 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- torrential rain overnight followed by rain till dinner time, ambient temp 16 deg, wind N 6mph, barometer 1013mb, water temp 14.1 deg, DO 8.35, PH 7,38, mv 39

1st Chris Pine 82lb 7oz peg 25
2nd Martin Craig 77lb 04oz peg 24
3rd John Foster 67lb 10oz peg 5



Sat 27th Aug Bowes Shotton AC

1st A Yews 55lb 09oz peg 2
2nd Rob Emery 29lb 1oz peg 6
3rd T O’Conner 17lb 9oz peg 24

Wed Sat Bowes Sun Lookout draw 9am





Wed 24th Aug 2016 open Bowes Ton UP Ton Up

Conditions: Mostly sunny, ambient temp 20 deg,wind ENE 9mph, barometer 1019mb, Water temp 15.1 deg, PH 7.65, DO 8.21, mv –40

1st John Dryden 109lb 12oz peg 40
John Foster 100lb 4oz peg 16
3rd John Nelson 52lb 1oz peg 4





Sunday 21st Aug 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- heavy rain overnight followed by sunny spells, ambient temp 18 deg, wind W13 mph with gusts to 19 mph, barometer 1013 mb, water temp 14.1 deg, ph 7.45, DO 8.65, mv 40

1st John Dryden 54.00, peg 32 gp
2nd Ethan Bradly 52lb 1oz peg 25
3rd John Nailer 50lb 15oz peg 2




Saturday 20TH Aug 2016 open Bowes

Conditions:- Overcast then heavy rain, wind S 8 mph, barometer 996mb, ambient temp 13 deg, water temp 13.6 deg. DO 8.25, PH 7.45, mv 35

1st John Dryden 62lb 6oz peg 24
2nd George corner 59lb 8oz peg 4
3rd Boggy 50lb 13oz peg 1




Wed 17 Aug 2016 open Bowes

Conditions- Partly cloudy , ambient temp 18 deg, wind E 9mph, barometer 1016 mb, water temp 14.1 deg, DO8.20 PH 7.55, mv 49

1st Peter Jones 77lb 05oz peg 40
2nd Boggy 66lb 6oz peg 2
3rd John Foster 65lb 5oz peg 16

Matches Saturday Bowes
Sunday Lookout and Bowes

For season ticket holders and pleasure anglers bowes you can fish peg 40 to 30 and Lookout 16aa to 24 on Sunday Thanks you xx




Sunday 14th Aug 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- mostly cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, wind ESE 6 mph, barometer 1026mb, water temp 14.1 mb, PH 7.15, DO 8.15, mv 25

1st Martin Craig 54lb 2oz peg 13
2nd Lee Slater 52lb 12oz peg 28
3rd Jackie Nelson 47lb 6oz peg 4

Fri EVE 12th Aug 2016 open Lookout last eve Ton up and half in 165 min

Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, wind W SW 8 mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 14.4 deg, PH 7.22, DO 8.2, mv 59

1st Dave Pearson 150lb 13oz peg 24