Basic Rules & Welfare Code of Angling Practice at Angel Lakes

We do not want to offend anyone, however, No Beginners, Sea or Game anglers converting to coarse fishing are allowed fishing on Angel lakes unless they have been with an Angel Lakes angling coach and deemed competent.


Please Note: All Fish are Catch and Return Alive to the Water

All our rules are Common Sense!

  • The main rule is  minimum handling = maximum conservation
  • A Current EA License is required  for all anglers over 12 years old it must be shown before fishing.
  • All anglers & Guests must report, pay and sign in at reception prior to going to the lake you have chosen to fish, dip your landing nets and unhooking mats, no swapping of lakes once you are fishing.


Rule No 1

Every angler must have balanced coarse tackle and terminal tackle, & use it correctly,


An unhooking mat, landing net (kite marked)  Klin-ik antiseptic & disgorger at all times


NO Feeder or Ledger rod to be used as a float rod, no spinning rod, beach rod, boat rod etc.



Rule No 2

Any Angler who Swings any fish of any size in, or handled the fish back to water (all fish caught must be brought in & returned to the water using a landing net) or caught or reported breaking the rules will be asked to leave the fishery


Rule No 3

All nets, mats, weight slings, must be dipped in the chemical dip tank for 10 minutes then rinsed in the fresh water tank, the tanks are by reception, a mangle is also there to extract water from mats if required.


Rule No 4

Barbless hooks only max size 12 minimum 18, minimum line strength of 8lb on Bowes and 6lb Lookout, and 4lb on Bassetts. Minimum hook length of 15 inches and 5lb strength.


All ledger and feeder rigs must be free running. NO fixed Rigs, No Method Feeders, No Zig Rigs,  No Braid allowed (main line or hook lengths)


Poles min recommended elastic of 10 + 5lb hook length, No floating pole


Angling foundation approved landing nets only, no keepnets to be used by pleasure anglers.


When returning fish to the water in a net please allow enough time for fish to recover before releasing it. If a fish is deep hooked then cut the line close to the mouth, do not pull at the line or repeatedly attempt to disgorge –just cut the line.


Rule No 5

No swapping of lakes, due to possible cross contamination and therefore bio-security, Fishing is from constructed pegs only. Anglers must reel in if you leave your peg.

No Stalking of fish.


Rule no 6

Do not damage plants on bankside or surrounding area, on site toilets must be used,

All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult unless authorised

All anglers must keep to footpaths provided.

No Alcohol allowed on site and any angler caught with alcohol will be asked to leave.

Please report any case of injured fish or wildlife to a member of staff

We would ask all anglers to take rubbish home or place in the bins at reception.

We request you DO NOT USE electronic bite alarms, or have them turned down, for fellow anglers concentration .

Finally take nothing but memories and leave nothing but Footsteps-enjoy!


Bait Rules

FEED-Angel sinking feed pellets only, or maggot, worm, caster, hemp,

groundbait is allowed except on Bassetts pond.

  • NO OTHER FEED Pellets TO BE USED except Angels own!!!!
  • NO feeding of sweetcorn, NO feeding of luncheon meat,  (only as hook bait),
  • No bloodworm, joker, No nut based bait. No powerbait.
  • Oct to April no oil based bait of any kind including trout pellets.
  • No Cat or Dog or any animal- Feed, Meat, Complete, Extruded.
  • No Floating or sinking biscuit.
  • No bread, punched, sinking, floating or crumb.
  • No artificial or plastic baits.
  • No Floating Bait.  (Except fly fishing on Bowes July & August).
  • No boilies of any size or description,  no pop up boilies.
  • Hook baits allowed are maggot, caster, worm, paste, sweetcorn, expander
  • and hookable pellets, Luncheon meat cubes,

Please follow the BAIT rules for the welfare of the aquaculture therefore the fish’s habitat!