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Before fishing at our lakes you must read our Rules!


Designed with anglers in mind, islands, sanctuaries (no fishing areas) and underwater features were formed to provide fish-holding areas and the lakes landscaped using thousands of reeds and aquatic plants to provide fish sanctuaries, Wildflowers, trees, hedging and shrubs provide both attractive features and wildlife sanctuaries in this extremely pretty part of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.


Great care has also been taken to ensure that the water quality in our fisheries is kept optimum by controlling what baits are allowed and taking daily water tests.


On the fishing bank-side all lakes are designed with a 3 foot drop and out 3 foot which is our marginal planting shelf, then a further drop of 3 foot to the bottom which undulates so plumb up well. All islands have a straight drop down at an angle to 6 foot but wind erosion has allowed a shelf around the island.